Day trip from Cannon Beach to the Oregon wine country

cannon beach wine country

If you’re staying in Cannon Beach, Manzanita or Arch Cape, and you’re up for a day-trip to Oregon’s beautiful wine country, it’s a just a quick 90-minutes from the coast. Unless you’re moving at a crazy pace, visiting 3-4 wineries will be plenty. Can you do 5-6 (or more)? Yes, but you won’t really enjoy it as you’ll be driving more than sampling good wine.

Here are a handful of suggestions for a day-long getaway from Cannon Beach to the Willamette Valley wine country:

How to get there: Hop on Hwy 101 to Hwy 26 (Sunset Highway) heading east toward Portland. Exit Hwy 26 to State Hwy 47 and into Oregon’s big, bountiful Willamette Valley.

Big Table Farm (Gaston) — [Call ahead for a reservation.] Big Table Farm isn’t just clever marketing; it’s an actual farm where owners Brian and Clare make some of the best wine in the valley.

Elk Cove Vineyards (Gaston) — A 10-minute drive from Big Table, family-run Elk Cove was founded in the mid-1970s. At a relatively high elevation of 750 feet, It’s known for its 2014 Pinot Noir.

Shea Wine Cellars (Newberg) — [Call ahead for appointment.] Just 20 minutes from Elk Cove is Dick and Deirdre Shea’s Shea Wine Cellars. Set on 200 acres, Shea provides grapes for many of the best winemakers in the valley.

Penner-Ash (Newberg) — Two miles from Shea, Penner-Ash consistently draws high reviews from visitors, impressed by both the views and the wines.

Adelsheim (Newberg) — Five minutes from Penner-Ash, Adelsheim’s wonderful tasting rooms boast beautiful views of the Chehalem Mountains

Rex Hill (Newberg) — Fifteen minutes east of Adelsheim, Rex Hill is built on the site of an old prune drying business. Known for its delightful Pinot Noir, the winery was purchased by A to Z Wineworks in 2006.

Sokol Blosser (Dayton) —Fifteen minutes southwest of Rex Hill, Sokol Blosser’s contemporary wine-tasting room is the showpiece of the estate.

Domaine Drouhin (Dayton) — Family-owned Domaine Drouhin, which is 10 minutes from Sokol Blosser, has dramatic views of the valley.

Argyle Winery (Dayton) — Another Dayton winery, Argyle is 10 minutes from Domaine Drouhin. It’s wines have landed a spot on Wine Spectator's "Top 100 Wines of the World" in three categories: red, white and sparkling.

Ponzi Vineyards (Scholl) — About 20 minutes north of Argyle, family-owned Ponzi features a beautifully contemporary tasting room.

If you’re looking for a recommendation wine, wineries or wine tasting around Cannon Beach and Manzanita, please give us a call here at The Inn at Arch Cape: (503) 436-2082. We’re happy to give you a couple of suggestions.