What's the weather like in Arch Cape and Cannon Beach?

cannon beach weather

For those looking to escape miserably hot summer temperatures, the Oregon Coast is a paradise.

In the summer months (June-August), temperatures in Arch Cape and Cannon Beach average around 60 degrees, with highs between 64-68 degrees and lows between 52-55 degrees at night. Typically, there’s less than two inches of rain in July and August.

The longest days are in June, with an average of nearly 16 hours of daylight per day.

September and October are equally lovely in Cannon Beach and Arch Cape with temperates topping out at about 65 degrees during the day and getting down to 45-50 degrees at night.

In the winter months, November, December, January and February typically see double-digit rain totals, with around 10 or 11 inches of rain. But even in the winter, high temperatures in Cannon Beach and Arch Cape are about 50 degrees with lows only in the lower 40s.

And despite the winter rains, there are a number of sunny, cloudless days on the Oregon Coast during the winter months. On many days, the coast will see rain, fog, strong winds… and periods of lovely sunshine.

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