Arch Cape Street Names: A Brief History

Arch Cape’s Leech Lane is named for Albert Leech.

Arch Cape’s Leech Lane is named for Albert Leech.

With help from David and Alma English’s seminal book Arch Cape Chronicles: A Bit of Oregon Coast’s Past, here’s a brief history of a few of the street names in Arch Cape:

Leech Lane — Formerly “Walsh Avenue” for Joseph Walsh’s homestead from the 1890s, the street is named for Albert Leech and family. A plat map from 1931 showed the street’s name as “Parkway Blvd.”

Shingle Mill Lane — The Arch Cape Shingle Company (later Bear Creek Shingle Company) operated at the far east end of the road starting in the late 1940s until 1967.

Maxwell Lane — Originally called “Arch Cape Avenue,” the street is named for Marmaduke Maxwell, who owned the Arch Cape Hotel in the early 1900s.

Markham Lane — Originally named Hug Point Avenue, the street was renamed in 1985 for the Markham family, who settled in Arch Cape in the 1930s.

Cannon Road — Named for the cannon discovered by mail carrier Bill Luce in 1898 at the mouth of Shark Creek near what is today Cannon View Park at the north end of Arch Cape.

Carnahan Road — Named for Clark (Clarke?) Carnahan, an early homesteader.

Kent Road — Named for Kent Price, a property owner who developed an Arch Cape subdivision in the 1940s and remained a community leader for several decades.

Shanks Lane — Named for J.M. “Jack” Shanks, who built an early water system in Arch Cape.

Gelinsky Road — Named for the Gelinsky family, who had a home on the street.