Four Interesting Facts About Tolovana Park Near Cannon Beach

Looking south from Tolovana Park

Looking south from Tolovana Park

At the south end of Cannon Beach sits Tolovana Park, a quiet community centered around the lovely three-acre Tolovana Beach State Recreation Site. Here are four facts about the area:

1. According to author Emma Gene Miller, “In 1888, Captain William Warren procured 160 acres now at Tolovana Park from the U.S. government. In 1893, Mark Warren bought 80 acres of land west of his brother William’s property. [The brothers] mapped and platted the town, which they named Tolovana Park, because they liked the gentle, unhurried sound of the syllables. In 1897, William Warren went to Alaska, and as a result, Tolovana Park and its streets have such Alaska names as Susitna, Tanana, Chisna…” (Clatsop County, Oregon: A History, 1958, pp. 118-119). [Note: The Tolovana River is a 117-mile stream in Central Alaska, north of Denali National Park.]

2. According to Oregon State Parks, “North of the [Tolovana Park] wayside, at a location overlooking Haystack Rock, Governor Oswald West built his family's vacation retreat, a massive log bungalow. The subdivision known as Tolovana Park was the historic setting of a rustic ocean side hostelry of the early days known as the Warren Hotel.”

3. The word “Tolovana” means "river of sticks," according to The Oregon Historical Quarterly (1954).

4. Tolovana Park is home to a huge population of rabbits, which have migrated south from Cannon Beach over the last 30 years or so.