What to see in Cannon Beach in one hour

Hemlock Street in Cannon Beach looking south

Hemlock Street in Cannon Beach looking south

From time to time, we’ll hear from someone who, for whatever reason, only has an hour (sometimes less) to spend in Cannon Beach. What are the must-see things in Cannon Beach in an hour? Here’s one 60-minute plan:

— From Third Street, drive south on Hemlock — the main street for Cannon Beach. Continue on Hemlock through charming downtown Cannon Beach, before turning right (west) onto Jefferson.

— Follow Jefferson until it turns left into Ocean Avenue. Drive along Ocean, which provides pleasant views of the beach and Haystack Rock, further south. Turn left on Jackson, then right onto Hemlock and into midtown Cannon Beach, which is lined with small homes and inns.

Downtown Cannon Beach, Oregon

Downtown Cannon Beach, Oregon

— Continue on Hemlock, past Sunset Blvd and up the hill. Haystack Rock and the Needles sit just off the coast at Hemlock Street and Viewpoint Terrace. The best views are from the beach or from Hemlock. There are a few parking spots just off Hemlock.

— Continue south on Hemlock around the “S” curve and into Tolovana/South Cannon Beach. Pass Tolovana Beach State Recreation Site on your right, then cross Warren Road, continuing on Hemlock until it dead-ends into Hwy 101. Turn right onto Hwy 101.

— Drive a quarter-mile south on Hwy 101. On the right is the Silver Point Viewpoint, a good spot to hop out and take photos of Jockey Cap rock and Haystack to the north.

— If you have time, drive four miles south on Hwy 101 to Hug Point State Recreation SIte. It’s a beautiful area featuring a waterfall, caves and cliffs.

Time’s up! Good luck.