Can you walk from Arch Cape to Cannon Beach?

Looking north toward Haystack Rock in the distance

Looking north toward Haystack Rock in the distance

Is it possible to walk from Arch Cape to Cannon Beach?

The short answer is yes, though it’s about a 6.5-mile walk that will take a couple of hours, depending on your pace.

Suggestion: Stay off Highway 101 and instead walk from Arch Cape to Cannon Beach along the beach — at low tide.

The good news: It’s an absolutely lovely walk, and one that we’ve done a number of times at different times of the year. Just make sure you check the tides! At high tide, you won’t be able to navigate around a number of points because of the surf. If you try, it could be really dangerous.

Here’s a good path to take from The Inn at Arch Cape:

— Walk west on Ocean Lane toward the beach.

— Once on the beach, head north (right) toward Cannon Beach.

— Start walking!

— Depending on the season, you might hit a couple of small creeks — Asbury/Shark Creek and Austin Creek — that are emptying out onto the beach. If you don’t want to get your shoes wet, you can probably hop across near the top of the beach. Otherwise, just walk right across.

— The first point (rock formation that juts out onto the beach) is Austin Point, which is about a mile into your walk to Cannon Beach.

— The next point is Point Meriwether, which border’s Hug Point beach to the south.

— The third point is Adair Point, which is just past the sloped parking lot for the popular Hug Point State Recreation Area. As you make your way around Adair Point, you’ll hit a cove with a pretty little waterfall from Fall Creek.

— Now, continue north around Hug Point. Make your way up and around the rock slope where cars once drove when the beach was the only way for vehicles to travel from Cannon Beach to Arch Cape.

walking to cannon beach

— Once around Hug Point, you’ll hit a nice, long stretch of open, uncrowded beach, which leads to the beautiful Arcadia Beach State Recreation Site, home to Lion Rock.

— At the north end of Arcadia Beach is Humbug Point, which is adjacent to Lion Rock.

— Your next landmark is Jockey Cap, a dramatic sea stack north of Humbug Point and south of Silver Point, which is just north of Jockey Cap.

— Once past Silver Point, you’re into Tolovana, the south end of Cannon Beach.

— Continue along the wide beach until you get to the iconic Haystack Rock, which sits just offshore of midtown Cannon Beach.

— At this point, you can walk up to the road (Hemlock) or continue walking along the beach until you reach downtown Cannon Beach, where you can get a cold beer, glass of wine or a nice meal.