Honoring the faithful innkeepers who came before us, we're dedicated to carefully preserving the rich history of the Inn at Arch Cape, while looking to the future.

Moving from North Texas to Northwest Oregon, we visited the coast just once before relocating. In February 2017, we spent a weekend at the Inn. During our stay, temperatures hovered around 45 degrees with plenty of sideways rain mixed with periods of sleet. 

But the Inn's charm was undeniable. Despite the icy conditions, we were certain that Arch Cape was for us.

About 90 days after our visit to the coast, we'd given notice to our employers; sold our house in Dallas; packed up two PODS, two SUVs, and a dog named Birdie; rented a U-Haul trailer; and were on the road heading northwest. Three days later, we arrived — exhausted but exhilarated — in Arch Cape, Oregon.

 Chris, Birdie and Heather in Oswald West State Park.

Chris, Birdie and Heather in Oswald West State Park.

Today, we live just a few blocks from the Inn, close enough to walk there each morning to chip away at a never-ending list of chores — helping Eusebia with housekeeping, chopping wood, making runs to the recycling center and into town for supplies, gardening, making repairs and improvements to the property, chatting with guests, and on and on. We are full-time innkeepers. It's our only job.

With so much to do, the days go by fast. But we try to take time for quick beach breaks or a short hike on one of the many trails that surround Arch Cape. And when things get stressful, we pause, look west toward the Pacific, and are reminded why we — like so many before us — ventured to this alluring, enchanting place.

Heather Newman & Chris Anderson