Fishing for Surfperch

On the beach in Arch Cape.
On evenings with an incoming tide, you can use a carolina rig, artificial sandworms and a 2-3oz weight to fish for these scrappy little dudes.

Garibaldi Charters

35 mins south of Arch Cape.
Deep see fishing for halibut, tuna, salmon and bottom fish.

607 Garibaldi Ave., Garibaldi, OR
Phone: (503) 322-0007


Tiki Charters

45 minutes north of Arch Cape.
Both deep sea fishing in the Pacific and fresh water trips in the lower Columbia River.

350 Industry St., Astoria, OR
Phone: (503) 720-9033

Russ Morrow's Sportfishing Guide Service

15 minutes from Arch Cape.
The Nehalem River provides some of the best steelhead fishing in Oregon.

Phone: (503) 310-9733


Razor Clamming

The 18-mile stretch of Clatsop County beaches account for 95% of Oregon's razor clam harvest. These large surf clams are considered a delicacy at fine restaurants. You'll need a shellfish license, and a clam shovel or clam gun. Daily limit is 15. Check with the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife for temporary closures.